The world is rapidly chaning

This certainly applies to the BI-sector, which by nature is a very dynamic environment. When you standardize your work method, you can automate more activities. This provides a double benefit for your company;

Many advantages

With this standardization and automation the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Minimum of database license cost. With the open source database PostgreSQL the cost for implementing a BI Data Lake are the minimum but you can also use your current database.
  • Minimum development cost. With the unique BI Data Lake automation software are the cost for implementing a BI Data Lake the minimum.
  • Robust platform. Python is the robust tool for inter platfom actions.
  • Consistent quality. All automated software components, meet the same quality standards.
  • Increased productivity.  Productivity boosters always work faster than humans!
  • Fewer mistakes. With productivity boosters – which generate BI Data Lake software components – there is less chance of human error in the construction process. As a result, less time needs to be spent on testing the generated software.
  • Best practices. Through knowledge and experience important matters are created in a uniform manner. This also means that less experienced people can benefit from this knowledge more easily and that they are up to speed faster.
  • More uniform. All BI systems are designed and developed in a similar way.
  • Database possibilites; ‘Powerpack’ generates the ETL code for your BI Data Lake preferred database.
    • Cloud database; eg Snowflake.
    • On-Premise database; eg Oracle or SqlServer.
    • Openssource database; eg PostgreSQL.

Save time and money

Development cost / %work

‘Powerpack with Python’ automation software helps you implement your BI Data Lake project in a consistent, uniform, flexible, efficient and time-saving way.

The productivity boosters standardize and automate the tasks of BI developers. Most tasks can completely (100%) be generated. For other tasks the BI developer must help the ‘Powerpack with Python’ boosters by setting parameters (90%).

This ‘Powerpack’ automation software saves you lots of time and money.

Why Powerpack? video