When is Powerpack something for your company?

For a fixed price per month, we convert your company data into management information and KPIs.

  • You are tired of the unreliable Excel sheets;
  • You want to bring data from all sources together (integration);
  • Data of old systems, due to the transition to the new system, is no longer available;
  • You spend more than € 4,000 a month for BI reporting;
  • Your BI partner does everything manually;
  • Your BI partner supplies people with little BI knowledge;
  • All calculations are made wihtin reports, which means that there are many deviations;
  • Deploy your employees efficiently to save costs;
  • Do you want reliable integrated business information for an affordable price?

    Control your business with reliable business information

    Does your company want to make more profit? Do you need reliable data with which you can better manage your company? Then don’t just be guided by your gut feelings, but base yourself on hard facts! With the smart BI automation software tool Powerpack you seize opportunities and retrieve crucial business data. Powerpack is unique BI automation software with a range of possibilities.

    Step by step

    With Powerpack you can organize the implementation of your BI project more uniformly, faster, more flexible and cheaper than ever before. In this way you create a reliable BI reporting environment step by step, one source of truth from which you can distill all desired BI reports. Powerpack automatically loads all source systems (Files & Databases) to a central database. As a result, you can easily store the data for your BI reports in a uniform and integrated manner according to the business definitions of your company with minimal costs.

    Why choose Powerpack?

    • Is independent of the BI reporting tool;
    • Leads all source systems to one central data warehouse database;
    • Fast and flexible implementation of BI project;
    • Uniform and integrated data storage with minimal costs;
    • Works with freely available open source software Python;
    • Works with your database;
    • Reliable management information for better management of your company;
    • The number 1 BI automation-softwaretool;

    Central and uniform data storage

    Powerpack makes 100% use of your database in the cloud (Snowflake or Azure) or On-Premise (SqlServer, PostgreSQ or Oracle). Powerpack can also be used in a data science environment to store data centrally and unambiguously.

    Handy BI discovery workshop

    We understand that using Powerpack is a big step. That’s why we take you by the hand in a short and handy workshop. Together with a number of important employees in your company, we look at questions and needs regarding BI. In addition, we explain what Powerpack can mean for your company. This free workshop is enlightening and provides visions, we guarantee that.


    Do you also want reliable company data to better manage your company? Please feel free to contact us and take full advantage of the many benefits of this unique automation software tool. We are happy to provide you with all the information.