‘Powerpack with Python’ is the BI Data Lake automation software.
With this smart software, implementing your BI Project becomes more uniform, faster, more flexible and cheaper than ever before.

‘Powerpack with Python’ can be used for generation a BI reporting or Datascience environment to centrally store your BI data and works for 100% with all kind of databases:

  • cloud-database (Snowflake);
  • opensource database (PostgreSQL);
  • on-premise database (Oracle, SQLServer or MySQL) ;

Datascience automation

Does your company wants a central BI Data Lake for all you data scientists?
With ‘Powerpack’ you can automate the loading of all kind of source systems (Files & Databases) to your BI Data Lake.
Your central datascience BI Data Lake can be stored in the Business area in your terms in a uniform and integrated way through your business rules.

DataWareHouse automation for BI Reporting

Does your company wants a reporting environment for all your BI reports?
With ‘Powerpack’ you can automate the loading of all kind of source systems (Files & Databases) to your BI Data Lake and fully generates the ETL- and database DDL-software for the dimensional model confirm your business needs.
With minimum of cost you can generate the BI Reporting Data Lake on a uniform and integrated way conform your business needs.

Start right away!

When you purchase ‘Powerpack with Python’, BI-Quest provides installation, service and support. In addition, your employees can start right away. The installation and support consist of:

  • Installation ‘Powerpack with Python’ software in your environment;
  • Course and practice sessions ‘Powerpack with Python’ for your employees;
  • Operational support;


‘Powerpack with Python’ part 1

  • What is BI Datalake automation with Powerpack?
  • Why ?
  • Architecture
  • Principles
  • Components
  • Roadmaps

‘Powerpack with Python’ part 2

  • Demo’s

Would you like to save time and money with ‘Powerpack’? Please contact BI-Quest and take maximum advantage of the many benefits of this unique automation software tool! We are glad to assist you with all information you need.

Within this site, you get an overview of all the ins and outs of ‘Powerpack’. For example, information about the many benefits, insight in the many features and clear infographics of the various roadmaps.