Then the “Datawarehouse Automation Framework” is certainly something for your organisation.

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“As Supply Chain Manager, I am responsible for taking the right business decisions. After working with Frank for 1 month the datawarehouse is indeed fully generated. Data of 3 complex sources applications with many tables is loaded daily into our datawarehouse in SQL Server. After that a dimensional model, with KPI information, is generated based on which we can easily create our dashboards in PowerBI. Now we have much more time and can make better-informed business decisions for the future of our company! ”

Highly recommended!

Toon Meeuws

Toon Meeuws DPI

Datawarehouse automation is my passion!

Business information for a company is the same as oxygen for your body. You can’t live without it. Nevertheless, I see in many companies which struggle with the creation of the datawarehouse needed for delivering the correct and timely business information. This delivery process takes a lot of cycle time, with many inconsistencies and costs a lot because your expensive ETL developers have to spend 60% of their time for those specialized tasks.

That is a big waste! But nowadays automated generation of your datawarehouse is possible. A much quicker, efficient and flawless way of doing things.

Automate this boring datawarehouse stuff! That’s the way to go.

In the past 20 years I have worked with many clients to structure and partly automate the datawarehouse processes. Since a few years I have made it possible to almost fully automate this process. So now, together with your team, we can achieve this in 1 month.

Based on this experience, I can tell you exactly what works well and how to set up a 95% generated datawarehouse for your company. The basis for a healthy data driven future. Which creates many chances and avoids costs and risks.

Frank Kuijpers BI-Quest

20 years of experience in implementing datawarehouses

100+ training and workshops given

Developer of 95% automated generation software for datawarehouses

Passionate about implementing the datawarehouse in a very efficient and effective way

Do you want:

  • to automate your datawarehouse code right now?
  • your own fully open “Datawarehouse Automation Framework”?
  • to work with it in your current BI architecture and database?
  • want to generate your whole datawarehouse within 1 month?

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