“Datawarehouse Automation Framework” (DAF) is the BI datalake and datawarehouse automation software. With this smart software, implementing your BI Project becomes more uniform, faster, more flexible and cheaper than ever before.

‘DAF’ can be used for generation your datawarehouse to centrally store your BI data and works for 100% with all kind of databases:

  • cloud-database (Snowflake);
  • opensource database (PostgreSQL);
  • on-premise database (Oracle, SQLServer or MySQL) .

BI Data Lake automation for datascience

Does your company wants a central BI Data Lake for all you data scientists?
With ‘DAF’ you can automate the loading of all kind of source systems (Files & Databases) to your BI Data Lake. Your data science datastores and files can be automatically filled with your terms in a uniform and integrated way through your business rules.

Datawarehouse automation for BI Reporting

Does your company wants a reporting environment for all your BI reports?
With ‘DAF’ you can automate the loading of all kind of source systems (Files & Databases) to your BI Datawarehouse and fully generates the ETL- and database DDL-software for the dimensional model confirm your business needs. With minimum of cost you can generate your BI Reporting Datawarehouse on a uniform and integrated way conform your business needs.

Datawarehouse automation workshop

Generate the boring stuff of your datawarehouse!

Start right away!

Based on Python, your database and this framework- which is fully open and complete with documentation, roadmap manuals and films. Your employees can generate your whole datawarehouse in a few days.


Click on this link to get more information and a personal workshop.

When you purchase “Datawarehouse Automation Framework”, BI-Quest provides installation, service and support. In addition, your employees can start right away.

The support consist of:

  • Installation ‘DAF’ software in your environment;
  • Course and practice sessions ‘DAF’ for your employees;
  • Operational support.


Generate 98% of your datawarehouse code!

“Datawarehouse Automation Framework” out of a box!

Free additionals

  • We deliver ‘DAF’ with your own company name and logo.
  • ‘DAF’ is fully open; Your employees can tune the generators and code templates.
  • Complete with roadmap manuals how to generate 98% of your datawarehouse.
  • Open documentation in Word.
  • Video films with explanation.
  • Code templates for 4 database platforms (Oracle, SQLServer PostgreSQL and Snowflake).
  • Metadata manager for your business analyst to optimize the metadata.

Would you like to save time and money with ‘DAF’?

Please contact BI-Quest and take maximum advantage of the many benefits of this unique automation software tool! We are glad to assist you with all information you need.

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“As Supply Chain Manager, I am partly responsible for taking the right business decisions. After working with Frank for 1 month the datawarehouse is fully generated. Data of 3 complex sources applications with many tables is loaded daily into our datawarehouse in SQLserver. After that a dimensional model, with KPI information, is generated based on which we can easily create our dashboards in PowerBI. Now we can make better-informed business decisions for the future of our company! ”

In short: cost and time savings datawarehouse generation for making better business decisions. Highly recommended!

Toon Meeuws

Toon Meeuws DPI

Datawarehouse automation is my passion!

Business information for a company is the same as oxygen for your body. Right, you can’t live without it. Nevertheless, I see in many company’s that they struggle with the creation of the datawarehouse behind it.

I often see that the creation of their datawarehouse takes a very long time, is inconsistent and costs much because of hiring expensive ETL developers for those specialized tasks.

That is a shame! Did you know that generating your datawarehouse is possible, so that your project is much more efficiently and much much cheaper! Automate the boring datawarehouse stuff!

In the past 20 years I have worked with many clients to structure and automate the datawarehouse and give employees the space to use their time efficiently. Together with your team, we can achieve this in 1 month and make your company more profitable.

Based on this experience, I can tell you exactly what works well and how to set up a 98% generated datawarehouse for your company so that your company has a healthy datadriven future!

Are you ready to start with the unstoppable rise of datawarehouse automation with your own fully open “Datawarehouse Automation Framework”?

Frank Kuijpers BI-Quest

get your own “Datawarehouse Automation Framework” out of the box.

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Always looking to make your employees work efficiently in your company by automating datawarehouses

20 years of experience in implementing datawarehouses and BI datalakes