Since the founders of Data Warehouses have described their theory in books, dimensional modelling has become widespread. This modelling technique has become the standard technique to unlock data from a Data Warehouse. Simplicity and speed of querying are paramount in dimensional modelling. In this practical, one-day course you will learn the introductory theory and we’ll extensively discuss complex issues, clarify practical insights and look at the latest developments.

Target audience

The course Dimensional modelling is designed for developers who are starting with the creation of a Data Warehouse. This course is also meant for architects who want to obtain more background knowledge about Data Warehouses.

Required Knowledge

Specific knowledge is not a prerequisite for this course. Knowledge about data modelling for transaction systems (third normal form, ER or 3NF) will be of advantage.

Course Structure

  • Introduction
  • General theory: roadmap for a thorough design, facts and dimension
  • Complex issues: capturing history, dealing with changes in data
  • Latest developments: Data Vault, Anchor modelling

Developed in collaboration with BICONOMICS