Business Intelligence (BI) seems an inescapable phenomenon for each organisation. In 2015 BI has been marked as one of the 4 cornerstones in IT. Besides, Data Warehouse (DW) is a default component for many organisations in their BI-solution. In this clearly established course we focus on the concepts around BI and DW. The three-day course is mainly designed for those who are just getting started with BI & DW and for those who want to refresh their knowledge. The first day we mainly focus on BI and the organisation. In the two following days we will be focusing more on DW and technology.

Target audience

The course Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Concepts is designed for:

  • Analysts who design BI & DW solutions
  • Developers who have to build the BI solutions
  • Administrators who manage BI & DW applications
  • End users who will intensively be using BI & DW applications

Required knowledge

No specific knowledge is required for this course. It is enough if, through your role or responsibility, you work with Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing.

Course details

Business Intelligence

  • Introduction
  • Background information: reason for the course, history, positioning of BI & DW, necessity, added value
  • Organisation: from small (project) to large (BI Compentence Center) – what are key success factors and what are common pitfalls
  • Architecture: design, choices, implementation, standardization

Data Warehousing

  • Architecture: consequences for technical choices, alternatives
  • Structured design: design roadmap, identify information needs, translating information needs into a concrete model – theory, guidelines and exceptions, facts and dimensions in which several issues are addressed through a central case
  • Implementation techniques: converting a paper model into a physical model, illustration of available technology, Best Practices
  • Market developments & Trends
  • Data protection: general theory, options, example implementation

Developed in collaboration with BICONOMICS