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BI-Quest is a progressive and innovative company in a dynamic IT world. It is with good reason we have been using the newest Oracle IT technologies for over 20 years. Because of this we have been able to complete a large amount of successful projects with extraordinary results for our satisfied customers. BI-Quest only uses technology to let Business Intelligence fulfil your business objectives. For us, it’s not only about the technological tricks.

Through our many years of experience in the BI world we have built up a very big ‘bag of tools’. You can profit from that! Because we do not consider each problem as strictly unique, we can reuse our ‘bag of tools’ to quickly create a successful result for you.

What are the conditions?

BI-Quest commits fully to Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing with Oracle technology as it’s solid base. From practical experience we know there are IT companies that accept any kind of job, even though they might not be fully aware of the practical matters. Each successful BI project stands or falls with a number of preconditions:

  • Involvement of the company’s management and therefore the support within the organization
  • Involvement of the project’s members
  • Clear project objectives
  • Knowledge from, and experience in the applied technology

Of course, we at BI-Quest cannot fulfil each and every condition for you. But we have so much practical experience and therefore we can prevent you from common pitfalls. Our expertise lies mainly in delivering knowledge and skills for the to-be-applied BI technology. These always have common ground with Oracle and her products, such as Oracle database, ODI (Oracle Data Integrator), OGG (Oracle Golden Gate) and OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligent Enterprise Edition).

The benefits for you

Why ‘Powerpack for ODI’ ?

  • Flexible architecture
  • Consistent quality
  • Higher productivity
  • Less mistakes
  • Flexible naming conventiens
  • Flexible architecture
  • Implementation of best practices
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